Reservations are not mandatory, but highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Indicate clearly and choose the right restaurant of your choice.

A vegetarian dish is available in each of our restaurants.en vegetarisch gerecht is aanwezig in iedere van onze restaurants.

Reserve your table here.

  • Choose one of the things where you want to go, make the right choice!
  • Choose (if there is one) a choice: Lunch before 6:00 pm or Dinner 6:00 pm and later

    ONLY the hours that ARE still available are VISIBLE

  • The number of people and the desired date.
  • Open a new window, enter the details.
  • You also choose the desired / possible time.
  • Check, send and we will send you a confirmation by e-mail (check your spam box).
    (groups can request by e-mail to arrive outside opening hours (min. 25 pers.))

Tijdens de Gentse feesten is in de avond het NIET mogelijk te reserveren in Gent 2 (belfort) wij zijn wel open !
Ook zijn de reservaties tijdens de kerstmarkten aangepast, al onze zaken zijn open buiten op 24 december. Amadeo en Gent 2 evenals Antwerpen 2 houden geen/of beperkt reservaties, indien de keuze er niet is, zal er geen reservatiemogelijkheid zijn die dag.

The reservations are ALWAYS for inside our restaurant, terrace or courtyard garden can be viewed at the time of arrival, we never accept reservations with “location terrace”.
If you choose to take a seat outside on arrival, your reservation will be canceled on the inside and the table will be allocated to someone else.