Amadeus Sint-Niklaas

Amadeus Sint-Niklaas
(Amiklaas BVBA)

Houtbriel 26
9100 Sint-Niklaas
Phone: +32 (0)491 61 67 62

VAT: BE 0674 745 262


Please reserve by phone from 17:00 onwards,
only reserve online for other days.

Opening hours:

Monday, tuesday and wednesday Closed

Thursday, friday and saturday from 6u00 pm to midnight

Sunday and public holidays
from 6u00 pm to 11u00 pm


Amadeus is a unique restaurant specializing in spareribs à volonté and has existed since 1987. The success story of the chain started in Patershol in Ghent and in the meantime Amadeus already has twelve restaurants spread throughout Flanders. The chain is known for its ribbekes a volonté-formula and the famous potato in the shell. The restaurant now found a suitable building in Houtbriel, centrally located in Sint-Niklaas. With its 80,000 inhabitants, the city is a nice addition to the offer between Antwerp and Ghent.

Our restaurants are all decorated with a unique, authentic or homely interior. Of course you can also eat other dishes with us: grilled prawn, grilled salmon, grilled chicken fillet, turkey skewer, steaks, vegetarian, etc.