Amadeo – Brussels

Amadeo Brussels

Sint-Katelijnestraat 26
1000 Brussels


7 / 7 days open:
Monday to Thursday – 18:30 to 23:00
Friday and Saturday – 18:00 to 00:00
Sunday – 18:00 to 23:00

Phone: +32 (0) 495 167 753 Reservations preferred online

Only the visible hours you can book on,
other hours are no longer available for the chosen day

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Sint-Katelijnestraat 26

1000 Brussels

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28 comments on “Amadeo – Brussels

  1. Bonjour,

    J’ai fait une réservation il y a une semaine de 24p pour le samedi 14 à 19:00. J’ai voulu modifier ma réservation de 1p (=>25p) et on m’annonce que je suis sur liste d’attende…
    Pouvez vous me confirmer ma réservation car il s’agit d’un anniversaire.

    En espérant avoir une réponse de votre part,

    Bien à vous

    Luana Falcone

  2. Hello,

    we went yesterday and we are really disappointed with the treatment and the service. It’s weird the fact that we were watched every moment during the supper and also, we were threatened with paying an extra because we shared three ribs and we wouldn’t get another one even when we had the option “à volonté”.

    I will never go back to this restaurant.

    • Good morning,
      I’m sorry i have to ask, but how many guests were you in total, and how many guests ordered?
      We can not allow people to share a plate because it’s “a volonte”. We only ask 15,95 euro to have ribs “a volonte” but at that price, we realy can’t allow guests to share. Our prices include all taxes and service. We don’t get the ribs for free either. If you share, this means that you want ribs “a volonte” at less than 8 euro. I think you can understand that that’s impossible (servers and quitchen staf are minimum 25 – 30 euro per hour). Since a year or so, we have more and more people who want to share 1 plate, or order a soup at 4,00 euro, and than eat ribs as well. Some people even don’t want to order a drink, but then take their own bottle of water out of there purse. We are not a charity. If someone of your guests is not hungry, he don’t have to order, but if you’re not hungry, why eat? I don’t know one place where you can order “all you can eat” for a number of guests, but then eat with more guests than you’ve ordered for.
      I am sorry that you will never come back to Amadeus, but if you would only pay 15.95 euro for everybody who want’s to have dinner, you would see that it’s more than worth it. I have to say that I’m proud of the staff that they did not serve you ribs for free, because they are not allowed, and even that they don’t lose any money if they do so anyway, they take the unpleasant way in telling you that you don’t get extra’s for free. It’s more easy for them, just to serve you all the ribs you want.
      I realy don’t mean this mail in any rude way, but I write this to hope that you can understand why we can’t serve ribs for free.
      Best regards, Ives Vankerckhove

  3. Bonjour
    Je sais que pendant la periode de noel on ne peut pas réserver mais pour le 24 je souhaiterais savoir si c est possible de réserver car c est pour le réveillon et pour l anniversaire se mon papa.Je suis une habituée chez vous et je voudras vraiment avoir une place pour ma famille mais sans reservation j ai peur de ne pas avoir de table et ce serait assez dommmage.Sinon sauriez vous me dire si c est possible de réserver dans un autre Amadeus.


    • Bonjour,

      Le 24, c’est le seul jour par an que Amadeo / Amadeus est ferme.
      Je ne peut pas vous aider pour ce jour la.
      Si vous pouvez venir le jour avant ou apres, sans probleme.
      Meilleurs salutations,
      Ives Vankerckhove

  4. Good morning

    Happy new year!!
    I would like to ask, until what time you can eat as much as you want for the ribs?
    I would like to book a table from 9 and we are wondering until what time we can eat as much as we can 🙂 ?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  5. Hi, I loved the restaurant, but wanted to know if there is a chance to give me the recipe for the sauce potatoes since become fascinated with the taste and I am Venezuelan, and I see the possibility of returning to Belgium, my email yoyi @ hosteando you do not want to publish the recipe here

  6. Bonjours , J’aimerais réserver une table pour 8 personnes, Ce Samedi 9 Janvier 2016, Mais je n’y arrive pas via votre site , Comment faire ? C’est à l’occasion de mon anniversaire. Comment faire ?

    Merci à vous
    Heughebaert Mery

    • Beste,
      Sorry voor dit late antwoord.
      wij hebben op onze contactpagina een contactformulier die wij beter beheren, eveneens staat daar een “faq” op waar we ook antwoorden zetten op gestelde vragen zover nodig.
      We hebben een vegetarische optie, een schotel met burgers en quiche, incl. de aardappel en de heerlijke kruidenboter.

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